Liberia’s new Foreign Minister designate in alleged sexual harassment claims

Amb. Dee Maxwell Kemayah should be a very worried man at the moment as an employee of Liberia’s permanent mission to the UN has launched a stinging sexual harassment claims against him.

Madam Wynee Cummings Wilson, according to documents released by journalist Charles Yates to social media, has written separately to the US Mission at the UN, UN authorities and Madam Piso Saydee Tarr, Liberia’s Minister of Gender with Cc to several top Liberian officials over the Ambassador designate alleged sexual harassment.

Said Madam Wilson ‘ Approximately nine months ago on January 8, 2020 ( which happens to be my birthday), the mission staff had a small celebration for me. After the event while I was about to leave and head home, Amb. Kemayah called me to his office and locked the door, and I was sexually harassed by him.’

She continued ‘ Amb. Kemayah asked me several times to kiss him, stating, ‘You know what do it, just give me a kiss, we are all adults here.’

According to the foreign mission staff, the action of Kemeyah whom she has since looked at as a ‘Father figure’ left her in a devastating state.

She narrated, the action made her stay away from office for a whole month raising concerns amongst her colleagues.

Claims of sexual harassment is coming at a time when the Liberian leader, Amb. George Weah has just considered rape an issue of national emergency and urgency.

With Kemayah expected to be the face of the country’s foreign policy, it remains anyone’s guess how the global community will see him and the country.

Weah is dubbed ‘Feminist in Chief,’ making everyone to now watch what’s next in store with such grave allegations about someone he trust and recently appointed to a top role in his government. ‘It’s all eyes on Weah’ said one social media fanatic.

Dee Maxwell Kemayah is reportedly on his way to Liberia for his upcoming Senate confirmation and hasn’t responded to inquiries up to press time.

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  • September 12, 2020 at 8:53 pm

    … I can just imagine the castigation and criticism the complainer will recieve from bootlickers of CDC and Maxwell Kemayah. I wouldn’t be surprised if women groups discredit the young lady.


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