Liberty Party Muslim Wing Head Resigns, Joins Cassell’s PLP

Mrs. Aisha Kromah, the Chair of the Muslim Women Wing Chapter of Liberty party has officially resigned her position according to copy of her letter with Whistleblower.

The Muslim Women Wing has a membership of over over five  thousand members.

Madam Kromah said since the death of their illustrious leader Cllr. Charles Brumskine she is yet to see any significant progress in the helm of leadership of the party.

Her resignation comes as a shock after the party has recently elected another Muslim, like her to head the party.

Madam Kromah immediately upon turning in her resignation, shifted her loyalty to the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) of Dr. Daniel Cassell.

According to Mrs. Kromah, Dr. Cassell’s has proven that he got the pedigree to unify Liberia.

She continued ‘Dr. Cassell’s has reached out and touched the lives of many Liberians regardless of proximity, tribe, ethic and religious beliefs.

She added, Dr. Cassell is the Light, the way and the future of Liberia with the construction of roads, bridges, markets, and giving scholarships to ordinary Liberians.

Madam Aisha Kromah is amongst several high profile personalities to join the PLP recently; Radio personality and former Montserrado County Senatorial candidate, Bernard Blue Benson rallied thousands to the party recently.

These attractions have sent sharp wave in the political community as to what the new comer in the political space is up to.

Meanwhile, the Liberty Party has made no official reaction regarding the resignation.

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