Liberty Party Suspends Daniel Sando for Reported Rudeness As Bility Requests All New LP Vehicles Parked

Sources within Liberty Party have informed Whistleblower that the party has suspended Daniel Sando, the party’s head of Press and Propaganda for a period of two months.

Sando, an ally of the Political Leader Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence had reportedly insulted some females in the group’s chatroom which Executives of the institution see demeaning.

The LP strong man was recently acted upon by the Protem of the Senate Albert Chie after he announced on a radio show that senators had received 20K each to sign for the printing of new bank notes.

He however frowned on the Senate’s decision and see he is not an employee of Protem Chie but Grand Bassa Senator Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence.

There are reports that the suspension of Sando is expected to create what is already a strain between the Political Leader of the party and businessman Musa Bility.

However, the Political Leader has had a strong voice on female participation in governance and respect for women leaving many to doubt she will support Sando’s action.

Sando’s latest suspension comes at a time when Chairman Bility has reportedly requested all LP vehicles to parked due to lack of activities within the party.

It’s not clear as to how long the vehicles will be parked but the businessman personally bought the vehicles and could decide using it anyhow.

Sando is yet to respond to his reported suspension!

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