‘Like 1986 Constitution, Taylor’s Legislature Granted Amnesty To All Warring Factions,’ Sen. Prince Johnson

Notorious Warlord now Evangelist, Prince Johnson, took a considerable time off Sunday’s sermon to speak to all the issues that characterized last week’s War Crimes Court discussion.

Speaking at his Christ Chapel of Faith Ministry, the Nimba Senator said the Legislature under former President Taylor granted amnesty to all warring factions and that has since been in place.

Though not independently verified, the lawmaker said he was surprised that many including lawyers in the country who recently signed a document calling for War Crimes Court are not researching the law.

‘As bitter as I was with Charles Judu, I had to reconcile with him and support his treatment in the Ivory Coast as there was a law protecting him from prosecution,’ he told his congregation amidst huge applause.

The 1986 granted amnesty to those of the Doe era after a coup that took away a sitting President and murdering several others on the pole, scars that are still visible today.

Preaching on the theme ‘Face the battle of life with prayers from text Jeremiah 1:9, the ex fighter said he has no fear about the future as God is with him from his miraculous escape to exile and returning home to being Senator for Nimba.

He said like Jonah who was sent on a mission, swallowed by a fish and yet prayed in the belly of the fish, he will survive even with powerful nations against him, using prayer as a tool to conquer.

The Nimba lawmaker said even the regional body ECOWAS has explicit confidence in him by electing him as third Deputy Speaker for four years where he served excellently.

He used his Sunday service to thank the Senate for the confidence repose in him saying he’s qualified to serve as he did twelve years under Madam Sirleaf.

PYJ has been preaching mostly about the happenings in the country surrounding War Crimes Court after the US Embassy near Monrovia released a damning press statement about his Senate’s election.

The US Embassy frowned on the Senate for electing a warlord to a portfolio of such high reputation and a sector that they fund in the overall security sector reform.



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