LIROI Calls On ULAA To Reject McGill’s 100K Donation

Liberian Renaissance Office Incorporated (LIROI) has called on the newly-inducted President of the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA), Shiwoh Kamara, and team, to reject the donation of USD100,000 (One hundred thousand United States Dollars), of the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel McGill . Mr. McGill reportedly made the donation during the launch of the ULAAfund-drive.

According to the LIROI, “such donations of huge sums of money by a senior official in the Office of the President is a display of runaway corrupciónconsuming the Government, the receipt of which makes a recipient complicit to corruption and the ongoing abuses of public offices.”

The LIROI termed the action of Minister McGill as “reckless insensitivity to the continuing worsening economic conditions of Liberians due mainly to the unprecedented corruption and gross mismanagement, over the last four years.”

The LIROI explained that hospitals are without beds and medicines; public schools are without much-needed support; and Monrovia and its environs continue to be polluted and stinking with filth, all of which continue to create unhealthy and unsanitary environment for residents, especially women

and children. City Authorities are blaming the lack of waste disposal equipment on dwindling donor support. At the same time, the Minister of State is donating one hundred thousand United States Dollars to ULAA, ostensibly to seek political favor and support the re-election bid of failed President George Weah.

“Communities throughout the Country are being enveloped by insecurity and fear due to alarming rates of crime, including unsolved murders and mysterious deaths, as well as the use and peddling of dangerous drugs and substance abuse”, LIROI said; adding: “The Police and other Law Enforcement Agencies continue to remain poorly trained, poorly equipped to deal with the growing menace, and dangerously unfit for purpose of crime mitigation and investigation.

Minister McGill’s indiscretions and repeated ostentatious display of questionable wealth ignore mounting calls by the opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) and other prominent Liberians, as well as our international partners led by the United States of America for greater transparency and judicious use of public funds to better the conditions of the Liberian people, the LIROI Release said.  

“Therefore, ULAA’s acceptance of such funds under a bellowing cloud of suspicion, and in the face of unbridled corruption, as pervasive as it has become in the CDC-led Government, makes ULAA an accomplice against the interests of the Liberian people for good and accountable governance”, LIROI lamented; further insisting that “as a Liberian Diaspora institution with more than 47 years of enviable record of advocacy for good governance in Liberia, ULAA is expected to join compatriots and international actors in calling on the Liberian Government to end the culture of impunity, ensure greater accountability and transparency in theuse of public resources, and a fair application of the laws of the country”, the LIROI Release concluded.  


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