LIROI Terms As Regrettable UP’s Decision To Withdraw From CPP

The Liberia Renaissance Office Inc. (LIROI) has termed as regrettable and unfortunate the decision announced at a press conference on February 16, 2022, by former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai to withdraw the Unity Party from the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP). The Unity Party Standard Bearer statement comes at a time when many Liberians have hinged their hopes and aspirations on a united opposition to take on the CDC-led Government misrule and provide a credible democratic alternative to the current economic hardship, unbridled corruption, and bad governance that are being normalized by the regime under President George O. Weah.

The formation of the CPP in 2019 resonated with the Liberian people because the Country was in a leadership crisis and in dare need of rescue. That leadership crisis continues unabated today. The CPP promise to rescue the Country from impunity, corruption, absence of the rule of law, abuse of human rights, and mysterious deaths and disappearances, occurring under the Weah Government, aligns with the aspirations of the Liberian peopleThe Liberian people and our development partners expect that whoever takes over from the Weah Government will have to roll up their sleeves to undertake serious and wholesome nation building. The fragile integrity institutions being undermined by Mr. Weah have to be rebuilt and strengthened. Diplomatic representatives of our development partners made that crystal clear when they took the unusual action to write and made public their concerns about the Weah Government misapplication of donor money intended for specific projects.That is why the formation of the CPP came as a relieve to Liberians at home and abroad who saw it as an opportunity for harnessing the vast skills, experience, and potential of a diverse group of people united by the ideals of patriotism and democracy.

The Liberian people were not oblivious of the inevitability of internal conflicts and disagreements as is the case with every human enterprise, but were hopeful that leadership, a common sense of purpose, and a shared commitment to upholding democratic tenants would have been sufficiently exercised   to surmount real or perceived differences in the interest of the common good. Liberians were hopeful that despite lingering challenges, the leaders of the CPP would have exercised the highest degree of commitment to remain united and present a common front at the pending 2023 General and Presidential Elections. The pronouncement of  Hon. Boakai, as current head of the CPP, at this time of high public expectation, undermines the people’s hope and puts a dent in their aspiration.

The Liberian Renaissance Office Incorporated is particularly disappointed that the UP has decided to throw in the towel after repeated assurances by its Standard Bearer Amb. Joseph Boakai, to both local and international publics, during two recently publicized interviews on the BBC and Voice of America, following his ascension to the Chairmanship of the CPP, to commit to the CPP Framework Work Agreement, and to utilizehis leadership of the CPP to resolve all outstanding internal issues and unite the CPP.

The Liberian Renaissance Office Incorporated reassures the public of its unwavering commitment to ensuring democratic consolidation and economic transformation for the Liberian people. We reiterate our unwavering commitment to support the CPP in whatever shape or form. We are convinced that the CPP offers the best hope of getting Liberia on track to democracy and sustained growth and development with equal opportunity and prosperity for all Liberians.  We call on Hon. Boakai and the Unity Party to think hard and deep about the implications of their action to leave the CPP. Judging from the experience of Liberia’s fractured political landscape since 2005, it is foolhardy for anyone candidate or political party to consider winning elections alone. In the next few days and weeks we will sit with leaders of the CPP to learn more about their future plans and strategy as well as explore ways and means to strengthen the collaboration and refocused on the mission at hand

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