LNP Arrest Blue Kia Reportedly Behind Stealing of ERS Pickup

The Major Crimes Division of the Liberian National Police has arrested a Blue Kia vehicle belonging to one Madam Laurene Sesay, that reportedly facilitated stealing ERS1 Vehicle on 3rd Street.

Madam Sesay is said to be girlfriend of Robert Clarke who is at the center of the reported thievery but has since been on the run.

His lawyer, Cllr. Wilkins Wright has told police on several occasions he will bring his client to no avail.

Robert, an ex employee of ERS, was asked to turnover all office equipment including a white Hilux Toyota pickup truck which he did turn over but kept a spare key toato carry out clandestine act, according to a compliant filed by Eric Filor Nagbe with the LNP.

Eric narrates that since the vehicle went missing the whereabouts of Mr. Clarke remain unknown but CCTV footage points to a Blue Kia vehicle driving over, an individual getting off and driving off the parked white Toyota pickup marked ERS1.

Police investigators working alongside Ministry of Transport traced the vehicle to Madam Sesay which was arrested today while driving to work.

Robert Clarke remains at large but a statement he issued in Monrovia recently said he’s being targeted by the government through Mr. Filor. He said the act against him is meant to have him arrested, handcuffed and disgraced.

A claim Filor denies calling on Mr. Clarke to come forward and exonerate himself.

Whistleblower has made several attempts to speak to Mr. Clarke directly to no avail.


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