LRRRC Warns Those Politicizing Refugee Situation

The Liberia Refugee Repatriation and Resettlement Commission (LRRRC) has called on Liberian politicians to stop politicizing refugees situation.

“Challenges facing current and former Liberian refugees residing in the Republic of Ghana in the decommissioned Buduburam camp should not be politicized,” LRRC stated.

The LRRRC said it is seriously taken aback by actions of some politicians in the habit of providing information based on falsehood about the situation faced by those people of concerns and called on them to stop, adding that the situation is purely a humanitarian one and should be void of politics.

The Commission added the Republic of Liberia is a signatory to several international conventions and protocols and as a result, the LRRRC is fully aware of one of its core mandates, which is to provide international protection for all refugees.
“The Government of Liberia recently dispatched a delegation headed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs aimed at holding talks with Ghanaian authorities to find a permanent solution to the situation,” LRRC indicated.

The Commission noted that as a result of this bilateral meeting, a joint communiqué was signed including the establishment of a technical team headed by LRRRC and the Ghana Refugees Board (GRB) with the mandate of developing a roadmap that will ensure the repatriation of Liberians in safety and dignity.
While in Ghana, the Liberian delegation also met with current and former Liberian refugees as the over 5,000 Liberians residing in the Buduburam refugee camp are expected to voluntarily repatriate to Liberia.

According to the LRRRC, government remains committed to see this come to fruition while the commission is appealing to those who want to make political gain about the situation to rethink as refugee situation is strictly humanitarian and not political.

The Government of Liberia, as stated by LRRRC, is doing everything possible to begin returning its citizens, while it will be holding stakeholders’ consultative engagements to welcome meaningful suggestions and contributions aimed at finding permanent solution to the situation.

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