Man Dies In Johnsonville Police Cell

-As Family Cries For Justice

The family of the late Syrnus G.W. Kloun Brown has complained to Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean after their relative died while being placed in custody at the Johnsonville Police Depot.

In a communication, dated July 19, 2022, addressed to Justice Minister Dean on behalf of the Brown family by Cllr. Herbert F. Glasgow of the Excellence Law Firm, the incident occurred on July 14, 2022 at 5:00AM at the Liberia National Police (LNP) Depot Two in Johnsonville, Montserrado County.

“Our clients further informed us that their late brother was engaged by one Bro. Sam Steven (Land Owner) of Johnsonville, Montserrado County, to carry out his construction work at his site. While on the site, the Police Commander in person of Commander Buhen of Zone 2 depot, Johnsonville ordered the arrest of four (4) of them including the late Sylrinus G.W. Kloun Brown without any court order or a writ of arrest served on them,” Cllr. Glasgow informed the Justice Minister.

He quoted the family of the deceased as saying further that upon the arrest of the four persons, they were taken to the Johnsonville Police Zone Two Depot, where they were placed behind bars.

“Our clients further revealed to us that while the late Sylrinus G.W. Kloun was in the police cell, he requested for water to drink after being badly manhandled but he was prevented from drinking water, which led him to fall unconscious and subsequently died in the custody of the Zone 2 Police Depot, Johnsonville, Montserrado County, Liberia.”

As a result of the mysterious death, the family is requesting the Justice Minister to urgently intervene by setting up an investigative team against the Police Commander and his officers assigned at the police station to probe into the matter as, meanwhile, the remains of the deceased are with the Liberia National Police.    

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