Maryland Legislative Caucus Meets Shipwreck Survivors

The Maryland County Legislative Caucus has met survivors of the Niko Ivanka shipwreck in what is believed to be the first time the full caucus has met in unison at an occasion of such.

Speaker Bhofal Chambers and other caucus members presented 50K LD to each survivor to better get medial care following the recent disaster that led to several deaths.

At least eight others dead from the wreck are currently at the St. Moses Funeral Parlour in Monrovia awaiting funeral.

The three survivors visited include: Jacob Matthew, John F. Dennis and Jamama Kama.

The Maryland Caucus at the same time assured the survivors that they will do everything in their powers to have a speedy investigation and get them justice. Niko Ivanka was headed to Maryland county before experiencing difficulty and sinking.

The Liberia Maritime Authority has already launched an investigation into how Niko Ivanka, a ship made in Liberia basically to carry cargoes was carrying over twenty passengers before sinking.

Several employees of the West African Secondary School Certificate Exam (WASSCE) were onboard the vessel.

A Legislative inquiry is also underway for the Chinese owned vessel as several Liberians have since expressed disappointment, calling for speedy investigation.

At the same time a fourth survivor Lawrence Koffa has been identified; he phoned into the caucus meeting with other survivors.



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