Maryland Police Commander’s near Murder of Head of Women, Children & Social Protection…

By: Ekena Wesley

Our foreign partners invested hugely in Liberia’s Security Sector Reform (SSR). But did they expect that someone they trained 10 years ago would become a rogue police officer who is characterized by deliberately inflicting brutality against even his junior officer? Such is the pathetic situation with Sgt. Rebecca Nimley, Head of the Women, Children & Social Protection Division of the Maryland Detachment of the Liberia National Police. She was allegedly brutalized by the County Commander, Jacob Cummeh.

The Head of the Maryland County Women Children & Social Protection Division, Sgt. Rebecca Nimley was allegedly assaulted by her Commander, Col. Jacob Cummeh. According to eyewitnesses, Sgt. Rebecca Nimley was on Tuesday night, allegedly cum physically assaulted by her boss Col. Jacob Cummeh while interrogating her as a result of a complaint involving her landlord that was being heard by him. The severely wounded victim is currently undergoing treatment at the J.J. Dossen Memorial Hospital in Harper, Maryland County.

Commander Jacob Cummeh, of the Maryland Police Detachment, is the rogue officer at the center of flagrant disregard for human life, who willfully, intentionally, and callously brutalized Stg. Rebecca Nimley. No matter the perceived circumstances associated with a junior officer’s action against a boss; Police Commander Cummeh was completely out of order and had no right to abuse Sgt. Nimley.

What could be the apprehension of the civilian population if a Police Commander, who should be mentally, physically, and psychologically alert, goes haywire against one of his fellow officers? Utter fear to say the least. Cummeh, who is currently undergoing investigation, has been disrobed by the Liberia National Police with immediate effect.

Human Rights actors and activists on the ground have described Jacob Cummeh as an erratic individual. It is alleged that Jacob Cummeh suffers from mental health issues, according to family sources. A situation Jacob Cummeh has reportedly been battling with for the last 10 years.

Multiple sources say Commander Jacob Cummeh has a poor working relationship with all his colleagues and was also described as emotionally unstable and intermittently abusive. Most people in the Middlesex neighborhood in East Harper, where Jacob Cummeh resides often keep a safe distance from this rogue officer as a result of his erratic behavior.

This act of faceless bodily harm visited on Sgt. Rebecca Nimley of the Women Children & Social Protection Division of the Liberia National Police – Maryland Detachment grossly betrays the Code of ethics of uniformed police officers. It is completely mind-boggling that despite the error of judgment of Stg. Rebecca Nimley, she did not deserve such brutal treatment by a so-called Commander whose attitude should be informed by discipline at all times.

We want to join women from all walks of life to categorically condemn this insane act of inclined barbarism by a senior law enforcement operative. Surely, Sgt. Rebecca Nimley would not breathe until justice is seen to be done.

Meanwhile, here we are again, Police Inspector General, Patrick Sudue. You do indeed have a bigger problem as you carry a sledgehammer to fight ritualistic killings in Maryland. Amid experiences of this nature that would end up in a ‘nine-day-wonder’ fashion, only time will tell how Jacob Cummeh’s fate consistent with the eyes of the law will guarantee a conclusive investigation coupled with a fair and speedy trial in a court of law. However, the women of Liberia will religiously follow this matter to an expeditious end. Justice must prevail in order for Stg. Rebecca Nimley to breathe. We call on our human rights community to mobilize sufficient so that the victim’s agony and abuse do not become a matter of vanity.

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