Massive voters trucking reported between Bomi/Monrovia corridor

Ahead of the Dec 8 senatorial midterm election, multiple social media postings have reported that there is massive voters trucking underway between the Bomi/Monrovia corridor.

Liberian journalist, Sando Moore who himself hails from Bomi announced that he himself drove behind some of the trucks, buses and pickups loaded with human beings to ascertain first hand what was being reported.

He called it a sad day for the nation’s democracy ‘When I got the news about the trucking of would be voters in Bomi this morning, despite the heavy rain, I took off for Bomi. I chased them trucking people. I saw so many busses and trucks risking the lives of young people for votes. Is this DEMOCRACY?’

It remains unclear who’s behind the trucking, however one of the pickups verified in some of the social media photographs is reportedly that of Bomi Representative Edwin Snowe with stickers of former Sen. Lahai Lassana inscripted though the Bomi lawmaker runs a farm and could be transporting workers. He is yet to respond to some of the issues reported.

Fingers are also pointed at former Speaker and head of LPDP in the Coalition for Democratic Change, Alex Tyler as being a mastermind. Tyler and Snowe have been at odds since his removal by Snowe and others at the close of Ellen’s Presidency. That removal ended Tyler’s bid for the Presidency leaving bitterness between the two; a political face-off now in Bomi is something to watch.

Ahead of the election, NEC is doing voting cards replacement, getting those who must have just reached 18 years old and other special cases new cards amongst others.

Trucking of voters remain a key issue for Liberia’s democracy but little has been done to remedy the situation for generations now.

Bomi remains some 45 minutes away from Monrovia, the vote rich destination making trucking the easiest trend to power attainment for the densely populated place.

With such closeness to Monrovia and key national actors hailing from there, the county remains completely underdeveloped.

Trucking of none citizens could be a key reason for political and economic neglect of the county.

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