‘Mayor Koijee Was Not a Participant In The Liberian Civil War,’ Childhood Friends of Jefferson Koijee Set Record Straight

A group of young people from different spheres of professional backgrounds, who grew up and interacted with Monrovia City Mayor, Jefferson Koijee at the very beginning of his lifetime, have released a statement in Monrovia condemning the actions of the International Justice Group (IJG) of Cllr. Jerome Verdier linking the youthful Mayor to what he terms series of atrocities during the civil crisis and other offenses.

The group in the statement said at no time of their recollection and days of interaction, did Koijee play any role in the war that led to thousands of people losing their lives.

‘We have known him to be an active citizen dedicated to civic causes. He was at the forefront of numerous campaigns that mobilized students across Monrovia in the early 2000s to demand quality education, affordable tuition fees an end to violence, and conscription of children into fighting forces,’ the group said Monday’s statement.

They mentioned ‘Given all they know about Koiee and his upbringing, we believe the allegations of war crimes against him are diabolical and unfounded.’

Joseph Sankaituah, former Head of the Federation of Liberian Youth, Sheikh K. Dukuly (PhD), now a researcher, Kulah Fofana, former Senatorial Candidate of Grand Cape Mount and Asst Dean, University of Liberia, Ibrahim Nyei (PhD) formerly of Mano River Youth Parliament, Uriah Goll (Attorney at Law), Augustine Tamba, Former Head of FLY amongst others call on Cllr. Verdier and others linking Mayor Joijee to war crimes to ‘Refrain from doing so as it only serves to tarnish his reputation.’

Cllr. Jerome Verdier, amidst all the clarifications from reputable personalities and his colleague of the TRC, has gone ahead to put together a dossier of documents linking the Mayor to War Crimes and reportedly submitting same to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Jefferson Koijee, born September 1985 has reportedly said he was a kid living in remote Liberia with his uncle during the time of the civil crisis and could not participate in any activity, least to say war.

Madam Massa Washington former commissioner of the TRC which Cllr Verdier chaired has repeatedly clarified that Mayor Koijee at no time was ever called or requested to speak to the TRC on the basis of being a participant in the civil war; according to her, she doesn’t know from whence her colleague has been speaking.

Koijee himself has been a front liner calling for the implementation of the TRC document including establishment of War crimes court in Liberia.

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