McGill calls on all who tenures have expired to vacate offices

By Charles Yates

With news filtering in that several persons with tenure jobs continue to hold on following expiration, the Minister of State has called on all concerned to vacate offices they occupy.

There are reports that Maritime, Liberia Electricity Regulatory Commission, GAC and other places have folks still holding onto their jobs when their tenures have since expired.

“When your time finished; it is finished, you shouldn’t be working,” Minister Nat Mcgill told newsmen in Monrovia.

Already many persons who occupy these tenure posts have confirmed that their positions have since expired but they are holding on till the President names replacement.

While they remain on job after expired tenures, they continue to take benefits and other amenities those jobs require.

At Maritime, three key deputy commissioners tenure have expired while LREC, TQ Harris and reportedly a huge team at GAC all fall in the web.

It’s leaves many concern about NASSCORP and other places, hoping that huge attention is placed on sectors involved for new appointments.

Report have it that some individuals have begun working out modalities to change the Act creating their different entities in an effort to keep being in power.

Whistleblower investigation continues!

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