Millennium Challenge Compact shuts down; several jobs to be lost

An initiative of the US government to contribute to energy and infrastructure development since 2015 at a cost of 257 million has ended.

MCC said in a social media post ‘After doubling electricity access and building a data-driven road maintenance system in Liberia, the Millennium Challenge Compact has ended.’

Beyond electricity the MCC was highly involved with improving, planning, execution of routine, periodic and emergency road maintenance.

The goal of the US supported group was to reduce poverty through economic growth.

The compact contributed 146.3 million to the rehabilitation of the Mount Coffee Hydro power plant, the highest ever contribution by a private firm constituting 40%.

The project has trained three generations of trainees in hydropower plant operation and maintenance.

The MCA employed hundreds and its shutdown will have an adverse effect on the already deplorable economic situation of the country.

Since 2015 the group has also supported the Ministry of Public Works including the drafting of the country’s first ever five years road maintenance plan.

With the MCC shutting down government will now be burdened to source money from local revenue to carry out projects in energy and infrastructure.

Fortunately, as MCC leaves, a West Africa Power pool is fastly moving from Ivory Coast into Liberia, with Monrovia to benefit soon.

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