Ministers of Justice, Foreign Affairs To Speak on Rape Incidence At Liberian Embassy in Abuja

Almost a month after a Liberian diplomat made a startling revelation of an alleged sexual abuse of his seven years old daughter at the Liberian Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Justice have been mandated to jointly address the public on the matter.

Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel McGillmade the disclosure, adding that the rape incidence has claimed the attention of President George M. Weah. Serving as a guest on a recent Spoon Talk conversation, Minister McGill said the President takes the issue of rape seriously and has therefore mandated his two ministers to issue a joint statement to the public.

“This has drawn the attention of the President. The President doesn’t take the issue of rape lightly, so the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Justice will speak to the public very shortly”, Minister McGill said when asked by the lead panelist of the show, Mr. Stanton Witherspoon about the status of the alleged rape incidence that reportedly occurred on the premises of the country’s foreign mission in Abuja.

Few weeks ago, Nat Bayjay, Minister Counselor for Press and Public Affairs at the Liberian Embassy in Abuja, called President Weah’s personal attention to a sexual abuse incidenceof his young daughter which he lamented was seriously affecting the innocent child’s health.

During a press conference held in Monrovia, Bayjay narrated that his seven years old young daughter years was sexually abused over a period of seven months by two different perpetrators.

The act, according to him, was done multiple times by the two perpetrators who were under the guidance of a colleague diplomat, Mr. Daniel Rogers, the First Secretary also assigned at the Abuja Mission. Mr. Bayjay accused the Ambassador, Professor Al-Hassan Conteh of biases that only protected the two perpetrators than the victim. He lamented that Mr. Rogers, the guardian of the two teenagers remains unremorseful.

He also accused the Foreign Ministry’s Special Investigative Committee of further covering up Ambassador Conteh’s bias and one-sided handling of the matter at the expense of the victim.

The Embassy in response issued a statement, stating that investigations were made into the matter which is currently before the Juvenile Court in Monrovia.  In his defense, Ambassador Conteh accused Bayjay of “impugning his hard-earned and reputable character…”. He then seemingly suggested a legal action after the process of litigation against Minister Counselor Bayjay for his “libelous utterances and cunningly crafted shenanigans against the Ambassador’s reputation.

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