‘More People See War Crimes Court As An Issue Of Politics,’ Deputy Speaker Alarms As Senate Trashes WCC!

Fonati Koffa, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives says he supports the establishment of War and Economic Crimes Court over 300%.

Addressing series of local, national and international issues Wednesday at his Capitol Hill office, the Grand Kru lawmaker said what he has issues with is the processes ahead of the establishment.

‘If you arrested the first suspect today, where do you take them, Sub Beach prison,’ the lawmaker asked in an apparent disappointment in those who lack understanding of the processes to establishing such crucial court.

He said the government is doing everything to seek support internationally for this process and this is no hasty venture.

According the Deputy Speaker, the University of Nottingham sponsored the first seminar in Monrovia that brought together scores of stakeholders for the establishment of the War Crimes Court.

As part of their support to the establishment, the University also promised to help with the drafting of a bill seeking for the establishment of the War and Economic Crimes Court.

Deputy Speaker Koffa said he is taking time into researching the Senate’s proposal for the establishment of a Transitional Justice Commission to determine if the TRC recommendations have been fully implemented.

The Senate said the TJC should also look at the August 2003 Act of the Legislature which granted Amnesty for all who participated in the Civil Crisis.

The decision of the Senate angered several Liberians leading to an immediate release from opposition Unity party.

The Unity Party in a statement said it reaffirms its commitment to the establishment of the War and Economic Crimes Court in Liberia as recommended by the Truth and Reconciliation Committee, in the interest of justice.

The statement continued ‘The Party believes that the establishment of this court will discourage the culture of impunity that currently exists in Liberia.’

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