Motorcyclists restriction in streets of Monrovia takes effect Monday

The Government of Liberia has renewed the ban on movement of motorcyclists in the streets of Monrovia, effective Monday, Jan 4, 2021.

These are measures put in place by the Liberian National Police to return sanity to the streets in the New Year.

The ban came into force under the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s administration but was relaxed following the election of President George Weah.

The renew calls have been welcomed by many given the traffic obstruction and thievery by many bikers during night hours.

Bike ride has led to the lost of many lives and property when plying the main streets raising serious concern for the joint security.

A recent scuffle amongst bike riders, pedestrians and drivers led to the burning of a bus along the Somalia Drive.

With the newest restrictions, bike riders are expected to be restricted basically on community routes and other places outside of the main Monrovia terrains.

The motorcyclists have not reacted to the new restrictions.

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