Munah Pelham Youngblood’s trusted Chief of Staff wins CDC primary to replace her

Saah Foko, the Chief of Staff to fallen Representative Munah Pelham Youngblood, Wednesday swept CDC primary to be the party’s candidate ahead of the upcoming district 9 by election.

Already, before the primary, the deceased mom endorsed the candidacy of youthful, Saah Foko, Jr.

Munah’s ally won with 882 plus votes out of 2245 total votes cast to cling onto the top role.

The deceased mom, Madam Elizabeth Pelham told a cheerful crowd recently that Saah Foko is a son with loyalty unmatched to the family and called on CDCIANS to support his bid as he could make a perfect representation of Munah and the district.

Foko ran all activities for the deceased while she was ill and understands the district politically according to observers.

At least six other CDCIANS opted for the role, though political pundits say, the endorsement of the grieving mom was more of an icing on the cake for Saah Foko. A huge coalition of other candidates in support of Foko sealed the deal over a tough female contender Wednesday.

Reports have it that the mother of the fallen stateswoman had earlier briefed the President over her family’s decision and asked that he give them this one time opportunity to have Saah Foko represent the late Youngblood.

The youthful aspirant is a graduate of St. Peter Claver Catholic School in Buchanan as well as the University of Liberia. He comes from a very humble beginning.

His colleagues from school and other places of interaction have been flooding social media with congratulations despite not coming from CDC.

Stephen Kalimu, former Speaker of the Liberian Children Parliament now based in the US wrote ‘I Attended High School With Frank Saah Foko Jr. And It’s Against That Backdrop I’m Congratulating Him For Winning The CDC District #9 Primary.’

He continued ‘However, I’m Not A Cdecian And Will Never Be One!!!’

Deeply rooted into the Kissi tribe but his parents settled in Bassa where he lived for sometime before heading for further education in Monrovia and since getting himself grounded in the politics of the city especially in the Airfield community and parts beyond.

He was driver, Chief of Staff, confidante and family to the late Youngblood, making several to think she passed the torch before her demise.

Foko will now faced Fubbi Henries of the opposition CPP in what is expected to be a highly contested race.

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