Musical Icon, Christop The Change breaks silence on relationship with Robert Sirleaf

Liberian musical artist Christop The Change who was caught in a scuffle with police in Monrovia that led to his imprisonment briefly made a startling revelation before exiting the LNP HQ Monday.

Christopher Nyenga told journalists in what was expected to be an explanation of what happened that led to his imprisonment, that he would kiss Robert Sirleaf if he saw him again.

The top award winning Liberian star said the ex President’s son and him had an ongoing relationship and he is ready to expose it to the world.

Cut off while making the startling revelation, the musician whom many says is either suffering from depression or on drugs sounded emphatic about his position.

‘I just said Weah is my PA and I am the same person saying I slept with Robert Sirleaf, I am not stupid,’ he narrated before cameras.

President Sirleaf’s over a decade of leadership was characterized by allegations of homosexuality parading the corridor of powers, claims vehemently rejected.

Christoph revelation amidst what’s being sidelined for his state of mine is not the first time such accusation is being made about the Ex President’s son.

Christoph Monday hit a baseball on a police officer calling for a retaliation by the police, he later apologized with police authorities also releasing a statement and calling for actions against the officer who also assaulted the celebrity.

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