NASSCORP Boss Summoned Following Mountain Criticisms!

The House of Representatives Committee on State-Owned Enterprises, Tuesday met with NASSCORP boss, Dewitt VanBallmoos at the National Legislature.

House Committee Chairperson, Alex Grant of Grand Gedeh confirmed to Whistleblower that his committee met the NASSCORP’s Director-General but refused to divulge any information shared at the meeting.

This meeting comes at a time when there continue to be mountain criticisms against the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP) and its boss over poor handling of the pension scheme meant to improve the life of retirees.

Most Liberians, after significant contributions, take home as low as one thousand eight hundred Liberian dollars which is far below the living wage in the country given the economic situation. Death and other uncontrollable circumstances have only ended their struggles running after their pension which comes with a huge bureaucracy.

While this is happening, employees at NASSCORP are benefiting from lucrative car loan deals and other benefits at the detriment of the actual contributors of the scheme.

It’s alleged that DG Vanballmoos currently rides a hundred and fifty thousand car, fully bullet proof which was changed outside of the government’s three years span for change of vehicle.

Many public participants on a social media thread initiated, are reuquesting a reform within the NASSCORP system that will adequately change the life of thousands when they retire at sixty.

Without said reform and additional health insurance policy ignited nationwide, many believe the situation for retired Liberians will worsen by the day and hardship will increase. The government’s pro-poor agenda can only be strengthened were institutions like NASSCORP settling retirees well.

In the wake of the poor pension scheme, the NACCORP boss is hurriedly constructing NASSCORP regional hubs across the country to appease the President who he hopes will have him maintained as head of the entity.

The National Social Security & Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP) is an autonomous public institution charged with implementing three schemes designed to provide social security protections to eligible formal sector workers.

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