National Teachers Association Dismisses Project Consultant

Rev. Joseph Kwiwalazu has been dismissed by the National Teachers Association over his handling of a contract between the NTAL and OXFAM Liberia.

Mary Nyumah took the decision after a 30K contract to be presided over by NTAL was reportedly hijacked and Mr. Kwiwalazulu became the implementer, procurement expert and negotiator leaving the NTAL without any role.

NTAL is the umbrella organization under which the OXFAm contract was signed and operated with Consortium of Educational Defenders working with the NTAL to implement said project, it all proved otherwise as the pastor ran the project unilaterally.

This accordingly led to an entire stall of the project with several project implementers left without resources to continue the project.

OXFAM took seized of the matter and instructed to do the payment directly to implementers than Mr. Kwiwalazulu who failed in making direct report to commensurate with money received.

The NTAL saw the action of one of its employees as an affront to the entity and had no other option but to relieve him of his role as Project Consultant.

In response to the NTAL, the dismissed Kwiwalazulu said he graciously accepts the termination raising several reservations.

He said his dismissal should have been a suspension since it came out of what he called an internal matter that escalated while they were in the middle of a campaign to halt the commercialization and privatization of education.

OXFAM’s role in his dismissal and his reported failure to justify how the company’s 30K USD was used is coming in our next edition.

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