NEC Invites Karnga-Lawrence and Bility for Conference Over Alteration of Party’s Constitution Claims

As the rigmarole over reported alteration of Liberty Party’s Constitution heightens, the National Election Commission (NEC) has invited the Political Leader and Chairman of the party to a conference.

According to a communication from NEC Chairman Musa Bility and Senator Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence are to appear Monday, 16th August 2021 in the James Fromoyan Hall.

‘Your Communication dated August 9, 2021 to the Commission regarding the Liberty Party’s 2021 Constitution in response to the August 4, 2021 communication by your Political Leader, Senator Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence was forwarded to the Political Affairs Section, Department of Programs,’ the NEC communication signed by  Ignatius Wisseh to Chairman Bility revealed.

The LP’s Political Leader revealed that Chairman Bility altered the constitution of the party giving him more powers and control of the party way beyond what was agreed, something Chairman Bility since disagreed with with a strong worded rebuttal.

The contention has since drawn public concerns of LP ahead of the General and Presidential Election slated for 2023.

Sources tell Whistleblower that the actual fight currently within the LP is where the party heads as the CPP moves between former Vice President Joseph Boakai and ANC Leader Alexander Cummings sealing the ticket for 2023.

One source says Senators Dillon and Karnga Lawrence want to sway the party towards Boakai while Bility and SG Martin Kollah are looking the Cummings way.

Whistleblower recently unearthed that all pages of the party’s constitution were duly signed by Senator Lawrence but with Musa having control of the Executive Committee, words on the streets is that Senator Lawrence is losing grip of the party.

Bility reportedly has all Executive Committee members on payroll, provided most bikes and vehicles making Senator Lawrence completely powerless to sway the party Boakai’s way.

This reported fear has left the PL to start a public outcry that Chairman Bility is leading the party Cummings way.

Video evidence seen by Whistleblower also shows Senator Dillon and others voting on specific portions within the constitution which has not been altered.

Ahead of primaries there are reports that Cummings is reportedly buying up more voters ahead of challenger Boakai making the race tense than expected.

How Monday’s meeting goes with NEC is anyone’s guess…. details to follow

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