‘New COVID Variant Is Deadly And Can Affect More Than One Person In A Violent Manner,’ CMO Kateh on Latest COVID hit

The Chief Medical Officer of Liberia and Deputy Minister of Health, Dr. Francis Kateh, has called on all Liberians as well as non-Liberians to take all precautionary measures to combat the new variant of the Coronavirus to avoid contamination in communities.

He said the new variant of the deadly Coronavirus disease has taken a dimensional severity that can infect more than one person in a violent move as ever before and if care is not taken, the new virus might increase the number of confirmed cases on a daily basis.

The Chief Medical Officer has therefore cautioned all Liberians to remain calm and said now is the time to begin to put all hands together and fight the deadly disease from the community level, up to the national level.

“We all need to ensure and work together and combat the new variant. As we speak, there are five counties that are in response now, and those counties are Bomi, Montserrado, Margibi, Bong, Lofa and Maryland.”

According to Dr. Kateh, having a response indicates that there are active cases in a particular locality. He added that those localities have become hot zones and noted that the Health Ministry has started a vigorous case investigation and contact tracing in order to move on to another level in terms of the alert system.

He said samples of Liberia’s new confirmed cases that were tested will be uploaded to the general public.

The Chief Medical Officer further stated that if care is not taken by observing all precautionary measures, there is a probability that Liberia might have a huge number of confirmed cases that would cause serious instability in the country.

He mentioned that the Coronavirus has shown a new variant in the country, and so with this new variant, every time, it will mutate, meaning that the reaction of the virus seems to be very strange in a violent move and the infection rate is very high.

The Chief Medical Officer disclosed that the new variant of the Coronavirus virus disease has the ability to infect more persons quickly while those that are infected and in treatment units find their conditions are becoming severe.

“So, we all have to be very mindful. If you are sick and experiencing fever or other symptoms like cough, cold and so forth, you know how they are treating you and it is a bit different from the previous one, please go and do your Coronavirus test.”

Dr. Ketteh added: “Because people are always saying that it is common cold so they will choose to go to one drugstore to another until it gets severe. Majority of the patients are on oxygen. If you remove the oxygen, they will certainly die, indicating the severity of the virus.”

He mentioned that at the beginning of the Coronavirus, whenever they talk to people on the virus issue, other people will be saying something different.

“I’m grateful to our boss, the Minister of Health, for sending a journalist in the treatment center. After we had a meeting with journalists, and one of them volunteered to go into the treatment unit and do a video recording. Anytime from now, that video will be uploaded soon to the general public,” Dr. Ketteh revealed

He expressed that at the beginning of the Coronavirus, people at treatment units were noted for taking “selfies” while undergoing treatment all because they never believe that there was something called Coronavirus, but as of today, no one at the treatment unit has the strength to even take picture neither to talk. They are oxygen-dependent.

“Again, we are giving the first dose of the vaccine at the Ministry of Health, which will help to minimize the severity of the virus. As we are all observing the precautionary measures, let us encourage our friends to take their vaccine in order to stop the infection rate in the country,” Dr. Ketteh stated.

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