New House Press Bureau Chief Inducted; Makes Huge Pledges

Robert Haynes has taken office as Director of Press, Honorable House of Representatives, Republic of Liberia.

Haynes comes with strong media background as a graduate of Mass Communication at the University of Liberia and prospective graduate of the Gabriel L. Dennis Foreign Service Institute.

As a former Legislative Correspondent himself, the Liberian journalist said ‘This is no strange terrain, giving my decade of service in the Media landscape of our Country especially here at the Capitol, where I served as Legislative Reporter for several years.’

Beyond his experience he stated he has not come knowing all but to create an atmosphere for all  to work together in championing the promotion, branding and propagation of the messages of this Honourable House of Representatives.

He continued ‘We will strongly depend on you our colleagues in the Media, especially LEGISPOOL in disseminating quality information, fair and balanced coverage that gives our National audience a full understanding of the workings of the Legislature: Lawmaking, Oversight and Representation.’

The Liberian journalist said he’s aware of the challenges at the first branch of government especially his sector he’s occupying, ranging from training to logistics and technical know-how to having 21st Century media orientation but revealed that he will be a champion in ensuring that the Press Bureau is second to none.

‘Don’t be mistaken, We will jealously, passionately and professionally promote, defend or propagate the image of this Honourable House of Representatives with everything available to us void of confrontation and biases,’ he stressed vigorously.

He praised the Legislature for continuous support to Nation building ‘This Honourable House of Representatives has come a long way in the history of our country, defending public interest, our people, their rights and privileges and executing the overall development agenda of the Nation which cannot be over emphasized; we have only come to elevate the discussions and get these happenings reach a broad base of our people Nationwide.’

He pledged to work with LEGISPOOL and utilizing every 21st century media mechanism; Social media, Traditional Media, and even grassroots Community engagements in promoting the gains of the Honourable body.

Rep. Ivar Jones, House’s Chair on Information and Broadcasting also expressed optimism that Robert Haynes will do better and can count on his support.

He asked Haynes to always call about him so that he remains a voice for his department in getting those requisite and needed logistics and funding to get his job done.

Several Liberians including Whistleblower Managing Editor Alexander Bealded attended Monday’s induction.

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