New Liberian Artist Discovered

The Liberian Musical Industry has discovered a new  artist, Papee Henry Tarr popularly known as Luh Henry who hails from Old Road, Sinkor, Monrovia and also on Instagram & Youtube.

Luh Henry was born in Liberia on October 29, 1994 by both Liberian parents and is a Hipco star now based in St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America having left Monrovia years ago.

He started his musical career in 2017 with now over 10 songs to his credit under K.M. Records International, and is now shooting his brand to his native Liberia.

Luh Henry is about to release one of his singles called, “Smoke It, Drink It,” featuring P. Kool from Sierra Leone with both audio and video to be out on Thursday, October 29, 2021 on /Hott FM and Hott TV plus other social media platforms.

Sound Liberia is one of the country’s newest sensations promoting Liberian musical game to the world just by logging one’s song gives you global audience.

The site was recently purchased and is being run by Liberian International, Rokenzy Smith, Mr. Smith LIB Money and has taken the industry by storm.

One special thing about Luh Henry is that he has this nice street layback flow that will drive you off. “Smoke It, Drink It” is hot and set to hit the streets.

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