Nimba Rep Wants Youth & Sports Minister Invited

During the 1st day Sitting of the 5th Session of the House of Representatives on Tuesday, January 11, 2022, Nimba County Electoral District #2 Representative Prince Tokpah called on the Plenary of the House of Representatives to invite Youth and Sports Minister, D. Zoegar Wilson to address himself to the alleged misuse of the Sanniquellie Youth Resource Center by the Nimba Youth and Sports Coordinator, Mr. William Mandain.

Representative Tokaph’s communication is based on a complaint from some concerned youths of Sanniquellie, outlining the reported misuse of the facility.

In their complaint to the lawmaker, the youth of Sanniquellienoted that the youth center, which was constructed by donations from eminent citizens from Nimba County and abroad has allegedly been changed to Mr. Mandain’s private organization without accountability.

They also accused the Nimba Youth and Sports Coordinator of regularly renting the facility for workshops and seminars in order to generate finances for his personal use.

However, Representative Tokpah told Plenary that his involvement to settle the conflict has been disrespected more than twice by Mr. Mandain, thereby leaving the situation to a potential threat.

Representative Tokpah added that without respect to his office and all stakeholders invited in a meeting, Minister Wilson instructed the Youth and Sports Coordinator to disobey the instructions of the entire district leadership.

Meanwhile, the communication has been forwarded to House leadership to handle the matter.

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