‘No Alteration’ LP Advisory Council Detects As One Day Farmington Accord Ends

A key gathering of top Executives of Liberty Party met Saturday at Farmington Hotel in Margibi County to discuss and find way forward to the existing crisis in the party with the Chairman one side and Political Leader on another end.

The Advisory Committee of the party was in full attendance with some abroad on zoom deliberating on the way forward of the party after hell broke loose at the suspension of Senator Darius Dillon who reportedly violated party norms.

A source privilege with discussions at the meeting said the Advisory Committee realized there was no constitutional alteration by Chairman Musa Bility and has stuck to the 2021 constitution as the legitimate instrument to steer the affairs of the party.

This has been a key public discussion with Musa Bility being branded as wanted absolute powers and ownership of the opposition party.

Also key amongst the issues discussed was the holding of party’s convention where a decision will be reached to determine who to support  in the upcoming CPP primaries.

The party EC and other stakeholders are expected to vote on the way forward and such decision cannot be unilateral or done by a single person, the source told Whistleblower.

It is unclear when the convention is expected but this is expected to be a moment to watch out for as crucial party decisions are expected.

Already both the Political Leader of the party and Senator Darius Dillon have shown support for former Vice President Joseph Boakai while Chaiman Musa Bility reportedly support businessman and former Coca Cola Executive Alexander Cummings.

This has created friction within the party with no party yielding to the other leading to supporters clashing daily on social media.

At the same time the suspension of Senator Darius Dillon remains in full swing until Executive Committee members act differently according to our source. It’s believed that the action to suspend the Senator rests mostly with the full Executive Committee and not just the Chairman as was insinuated.

The Advisory Committee is expected to lobby with other EC members to overturn the decision which our source remains unlikely.

Details are still coming in…

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