Normal Activities Shutdown In Ganta As Tension Escalates For Second Day Running Over Land Dispute

Security forces have been firing tear gas shells in the commercial city of Ganta, Nimba County over land disputes that have led to the destruction of several properties and valuables worth thousands of dollars.
The incident started when an eviction notice was served by the  8th Judiciary Circuit Court in Sanniquellie following decades of misunderstanding between different families.
‘Fred Suah, the reported owner of the controversial land and some family members of the Donzos, Sandos and the Jabatehs have been battling over a stretch of land from the NP Gas station down the Saclepea parking belt for years as both parties repeatedly claiming ownership, Chester Dolo,’ a journalist in Nimba told Whistleblower.
Mr. Suah according to court document won the case and the sheriff on Monday brought an eviction order which was met with huge resistance from the other party.
Casual laborers effecting the orders by removing structures on the land were resisted, stoned and chased out leading to the intervention of the Police Support Unit (PSU) from the Regional Hub in Bong County.
The County Administration, including Superintendent Nelson Korquoi and County Inspector B Mack Gblinwon watched Monday’s tension which continued into Tuesday April 20, 2020.
Renewed tension broke up Tuesday when fire gutted another property on the premises of the controversial land leading to an assumption it must have been premeditated.
Stores, businesses and other private ventures have been forced to closed as tension rises; the President who is on a third leg of his county tour is yet to comment on the matter.

A Musa Bility committee that handled land dispute in the county under instructions of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf didn’t handle this specific matter given the Fred Suah family reportedly did not sit for talks then.

Tension remains on the rise!

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