Nyonblee and Bility Meet To Trash Differences

The opposition Liberty Party (LP)  issued a special statement regarding a mediatory meeting convened under the auspices of the National Advisory Council on August 26, 2021 to consider steps leading to the resolution of the ongoing conflict in the party.

The Liberty Party said its National Advisory Council convened the meeting between Political Leader Nyonblee Karnga-Lawremce and Chairman Musa Hassan Bility as part of ongoing efforts to resolve the intra-party conflict surrounding the 2021 constitution.

Debar Allen, Chairman of the National Advisory Council, convened the meeting and emphasized the need for concerted efforts aimed at speedily resolving the conflict. The meeting took cognizance of Liberty Party’s status as the current chair of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), thus initiating a speedy resolution.

In separate remarks, both Political Leader Karnga-Lawrence and Chairman Bility expressed their willingness to deal with the substantive issues of alleged tampering of the party constitution and improper filing.

The two rival officials agreed that a seven-member committee of unbiased professionals will be constituted by the two parties to review the convention documents to identify areas of discrepancies and/or breaches in established procedures.

They also agreed that by the signing of the memorandum of understanding, they will commit themselves to the recommendations of the committee and work for the resolution of the conflict.

They went on to indicate that the committee shall be given seven days, following its constitution, to report to the National Advisory Council and that all party executives shall refrain from taking the party internal matters to the media either personally or through their surrogates.

The Liberty Party calls on its partisans to remain calm as these steps are intended to resolve the internal conflict.

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