Official autopsy report on auditors who died mysteriously to be announced Tuesday

The Ministry of Information will Tuesday, November 24 announce the official autopsy report of four auditors who died mysteriously and have since been buried.

Except for the accident involving one employee along the 72nd route reportedly linked to ‘drunk driving’ the three others from LRA and Internal Audit Agency are reportedly linked to murder.

If announced on Tuesday, government will have a huge task to pursue the perpetrators and bring them to book as the deaths have left serious disappointment about the government handling of security of its citizens.

Gifty Lama and work colleague, Albert Peters were found dead in a car on Broad Street with their families making grave allegations on what must have transpired.

Days following their deaths another auditor was found dead after a reported fall from the balcony of his room. His death left a lot of suspicion as well. Emmanuel Nyeswa was head of the IAA.

The government since ordered an autopsy but the report has been in the government circles until a Monday announcement that the report was ready to be released.

The public has been very concerned about mysterious deaths of high profile personalities in the middle part of the Weah’s administration.

The President, realising the gravity of the security concerns called on the public to begin placing CCTV in their homes where necessary.

Tuesday’s official autopsy release is expected to be presided over by Cllr. Frank Musa Dean, Minister of Justice.

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