Oliver Dillon’s Appointment Withdrawn To Save Transport Minister’s Job

Transport Minister Samuel A. Wlue has bowed to pressure following a threatening warning from the Chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democracy Change (CDC) Mulbah K. Morlu to immediately reverse the recent appointment of Oliver Dillon as Director for Port and Border  Entry or face consequences.

Therefore, in a communication addressed to Oliver P. Dillon on Monday, March 22, 2021, Minister Wlue informed him that his appointment of March 11, 2021 was being withdrawn with immediate effect.

Dillon recently returned to work after nearly two years of being placed behind bars in a murder allegation, but the 13th Judicial Circuit Court of Margibi County set him free on January 14, 2021.

Oliver is a brother of Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, who is a known government critic and executive member of the opposition Liberty Party and by extension, the Collaborating Political Party (CPP).

While in jail, Dillon was said to have been replaced as Director of Decentralization at the Transport Ministry.

But when he was assigned to a new portfolio, CDC Chairman Morlu took exception to the appointment of a ‘non CDCian’ as he warned Minister Wlue to immediately reverse the appointment, while calling on all Cabinet Ministers in the CDC-led government to desist from appointing members of the opposition but rather partisans or risk losing  their jobs.

About a week after Oliver Dillon’s elevation  as Director  for Port and Border  Entry at the Ministry of Transport,  Chairman  Morlu  placed  an  urgent  call  to Minister Wlue to immediately and  effectively   overturn his appointment. Chairman Morlu termed the move as a betraying efforts to bring the ruling party down.

Meanwhile, Chairman Morlu has declared his move as a new beginning  and  called on all  government  officials  to desist  from appointing non-partisans of CDC but to instead provide  jobs  for qualified  CDCians.

He said CDCians  had suffered  and cannot continue  the  suffering  in their own regime wherein the opposition  will continue  to enjoy  the opportunity  belonging  to them.

The CDC Chairman said President George Weah’s mandates of considering no mistakes during his State of the Nation address must take effect now and that Minister Wlue would be an example if he fails.

Morlu also warned those wanting the CDC to lose the 2023 elections that they will equally lose their respective positions before the party can lose the elections.

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