Opinion: ‘Dangerous lie,’ Mayor Koijee writes Chief Justice over armed robber release linked to him

” Lies are just temporary but the truth is perpetual, that’s why TRUTH is our weapon ”

City of Monrovia Incorporated
City Hall, Tubman Boulevard
P. O. Box 9029, Sinkor, 1000 Monrovia, 10 Liberia

September 22, 2020

His Honor Francis S. Korpkor, Sr.
Chief Justice-Republic of Liberia
Temple of Justice
Capitol Hill, Monrovia

May It Please Your Honor:

I present my compliments and wish to bring to your attention the issue of smearing of my character by members of the public relative to the release of one Mr. Kesselle Mulbah, an alleged armed robber who was initially detained at the Monrovia Central Prison and subsequently released from further detention.

Honorable Chief Justice, I am being constantly accused by some members of the media of being involved in the release of Mr. Kesselle Mulba. The fact is that I had no knowledge of how this gentleman was released and did not participate in his release.

This dangerous lie being spread in the public against my person led me to conduct an independent investigation into the processes and procedures leading to the release of the alleged suspect from the Monrovia Central Prison.

Your Honor, my investigation discovered that the alleged armed robber was released based on legal application by the late Atty. Moses W. Sondah to Criminal Court “D.” Accordingly, the records show that on 8 March, A.D. 2019, Atty. Moses W. Sondah (late) filed with Criminal Court “D” a “Motion for Admission to Bail” and it was on the basis of this motion that defendant Kesselle Mulbah was released. Annexed hereto this communication is a copy of the Motion for Admission to Bail for your reference.

Further information gathered from my investigation indicates that in order to secure the release of defendant Kesselle Mulbah, a “Criminal Appearance Guarantee Bond” was obtained by the defendant, and this bond was accepted and approved by Judge Sikajipo A. Wollor, Resident Judge of Criminal Court “D” on March 11, 2019. Further information on the bond indicates that in order to secure the release of defendant Kesselle Mulbah, he produced three (3) human sureties in persons of Mr. Ernest B. Kezelee, Mr. Forkpayea C. Kesselle, and Ms. Korto Kezzellee. Annexed hereto this communication is the Criminal Appearance Bond indicating these three (3) human sureties for your reference. The official release which was sent to the Monrovia Central Prison for the release of Defendant Kesselle Mulbah is also attached hereto for your reference.
Your Honor, with the information gathered from the court as indicated hereinabove, it is quite clear that I neither serve as human surety nor was my name in any of the court’s documents that granted the release of the alleged suspect. As such, I wonder why some members of the press are maliciously scandalizing my name in the public.

Your Honor, I am quite disappointed that the Resident Judge of Criminal Court “D,” Judge Sikajipo A. Wollor being fully aware that he approved the release of the alleged armed robber and that I did play absolutely no part in said process, chose to remain silent on this matter when my character and reputation is being aspersed. I expected the Judge of Criminal Court “D” in particular and the Judiciary, in general, to have provided the appropriate and necessary clarification to the public through the press as to how this alleged armed robber was released from the Monrovia Central Prison. I strongly believe if the necessary clarifications were provided by the Judiciary, it would have laid this matter to rest.

In view of the above, I will appreciate were you to kindly order Judge Sikajipo A. Wollor, Resident Judge of Criminal Court “D” to kindly provide clarity to the public through the press as to how the alleged armed robber, Mr. Kesselle Mulbah was released from the Monrovia Central Prison. Such clarification from the Judiciary is necessary so as to inform the public that the Mayor of the City of Monrovia is not using his position in Government to influence decisions in the Judiciary, which has become the perception of the general public based on the false information in the press. I believe this clarification doesn’t benefit me only, but it also guarantees and reassures the general public of an independent Judiciary.

Therefore, Your Honor, I believe I have provided all the necessary information to your office on this matter and I look forward to the necessary action(s) by the Judiciary. As an official of the government, I support the execution of justice. I will therefore do nothing to undermine the judicial process. Not now and not even in the future.

Thank you for your understanding and usual cooperation.


Jefferson T. Koijee

Cc: Office of the President, Republic of Liberia
Speaker, House of Representative
Senate Pro Tempore, Liberian Senate

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