Opinion: Fall from Grace to Grass: The Case with The Corrupt People Party (CPP) – Vandalark Patricks

According to Socrates, politics is an architectonic science, which means a leader’s political philosophy will definitely determine the accomplishment and catastrophe of that leader. For the past 100 years, our leaders have designed and executed policies that perpetually kept the youth population into poverty. It is a known fact that most of the rich people in our country are former government officials. Those with huge properties are former government officials. Former government officials also dominate the middle class. Corruption made them rich! The business community is dominated by foreigners and accounts for only 20% of the middle class, with no hope for the future generation. Imagine college graduates are gradually becoming beggars daily because those old and greedy folks’ politicians refused to empower them to earn their own money and improve their lives. Very sad! A young man of my age cannot boast of having a bank account. Any country that destroys its youth population by perpetually keeping them poor, poverty, hunger, and drugs will never leave that nation.

This same level of inequality led us into a senseless civil war. We killed our own brothers and sisters, and when war ended, the same sponsors of the war later took over our country and gang-raped our economy.

One of UP’s key decision-makers, Ellen, became president after the war and brought her old friends, nephews, brothers, and sisters, including her sons to loot the country. Nepotism was prevalent, while corruption became a vampire-transformed from the human form to a spirit, making it difficult to see the country’s criminal looting elements. About 60 audit reports from the GAC were presented to the UP-led government to prosecute those baldheads for looting the country, but they downplayed it.

While this mass looting was ongoing, the current batch of UP leaders kept very quiet and did nothing to question their leaders. Regretfully, they, too, milked our resources and amassed wealth unto themselves while our sisters and young boys were constantly abused. Rape cases increased significantly under the UP-led government and have doubled under the CDC banana republic. This situation angered many Liberians so much that they democratically had to retire those UP baldheads in 2017. We sent them into opposing camps to experience the same pain, and suffering Liberians underwent during their 12 years of misrule. They became extremely broke in less than two years. To regain their lost image, they formed a so-called collaboration, CPP, or Corrupt People Party. It is disgusting that those baldheads cannot survive without state resources, which they consider to be lose money. Wearing the CPP cap is only to fool us, but their plans are deadly. If you want to know they are planning an act of revenge against our resources, examine their pitiful conditions now. A few years ago, they were in power and swimming in millions, while the masses languish in excruciating poverty. We have to be objective. We are overwhelmingly convinced, WEAH and his CDC boys have FAILED us. But, does that suggests we should turn the country to known rogues?

Why the Corrupt People Party (CPP) wants state power again?

The days of choosing between “two lesser evils” are over or OVEN in my Classic Dee voice. Liberia is a blessed nation with more good people than bad ones. Liberians are decent groups of smart and purified people in their minds, who accept every human person. It was unfortunate that we had to go to war because those old political oligarchs incited us against our own people to take up arms and destroy our country. Regretfully, after the war, those old rogues in the Unity Party resurfaced in government and destroyed our nation for 12th years. We must resist their second resurrection. I wonder why UP-CPP thinks they are now the moral voices in our country when they were there recently looting the state coffers. Suggesting that Weah has failed, and therefore, the CPP or Corrupt People Party should retake state power is a form of deception, ungratefulness, and sheer ignorance of the sufferings we underwent during the UP-led government 12 years of misrule. Please do not make that mistake!

This is sad. When I see a handful of brilliant, career-driven young men and women, with the expertise to revolutionize the economy and give our people economic freedom, endorsing the Corrupt People Party (CPP), I cry for my country.

Any leader or institution that fails to groom, develop, and empower the youth to become the next batch of leaders after being in politics for 20, 30, and 50 years, and more importantly, staying in power for 12 years, then that leader or the institution has failed the country and the young people. Our leaders and political institutions, True Whig Party, NDPL/PRC, NPP/NPFL, UP, and the CDC have betrayed us. We need to do away with all of them by developing the courage to step in and compete against those failed politicians and institutions, who only use us to get to power and turn their backs on us when they have it. This is the case of the UP-led government.

After controlling state resources and stealing our wealth for a decade-plus, they could not produce a successor. Can you imagine that? They would have groomed at least 12 brilliant leaders to continue their legacies if they actually claim to have developed the country. Instead, the career rogues, thieves, and failed political class are regrouping again to steal their way to state power, but they lie.

Africa in 1960 is different from Africa of the 21st century. What makes these old folks think we are unable to govern? It takes IDEAS to develop a nation or business. It takes COURAGE to eradicate poverty. It takes a strong political will to dismantle systemic corruption that has destroyed our country. We have all these qualities as a generation, but why have we perpetually allowed ourselves to be used? Are we only good to vote and take instruction from them while they loot the country?

Granted, someone would argue the young people are in power, but what’s your definition of young, and who are those at the TOP DECISION-MAKING positions? Have our leaders surrounded themselves with brilliant young minds and listen to their suggestions?

Statically, I think we have always been placed in leadership positions in government, where we are given instructions. Questioning their decisions would lead to dismissal or compelled resignation. That’s intimidation! Let no one fool you that we, as a generation, cannot effectively run a country on our own. Of curses, there will be challenges, but it does not suggest we cannot overcome them. For example, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Canada, France, New Zealand, and the great United States elected leaders who were below or 44 years old, highly educated, and possess international reputation and professional experiences. Those countries are doing incredibly well today. Come to Liberia, where grandfathers, grandnephews, and grandmothers still believe their children are stupid, incapable, and cannot run the country. Seriously? Traditionally, when your father or mother is old, the children will step in to continue their legacies. But why are our politically old parents not wanting us to continue their legacies? Lol… da something inside.

A generation of brilliant minds, academically qualified, and politically inclined, should never be ashamed or afraid of competing against the status quo in any democratic elections to revamp the country’s political system. We need to introduce the mind-revolution, generational revolution (G-Revolution) to set an agenda for Liberia’s transformation. The UP spent millions of taxpayers’ money to send their families abroad to acquire sophisticated education at some of the best Ivy League institutions worldwide. They later returned and joined the same old rogues to loot the country. It is so disgusting that those young comrades, who benefited from our taxpayers’ money, are now singing praises to the FAILD CDC-led government and calling those poor performing ministers, assistant ministers, and heads of agencies my “mentor, and teacher.” Can you imagine that? Sycophants! Hardcore deception.

These crooked baldheads within the CPP-Corrupt People Party should be creating jobs for our people with the education they acquired. They can use it to develop the private sector instead of following their political godfathers’ footsteps, who looted this country. The habitual indoctrination of young people into “state milking” that have eventually turned them into parasites and living on our resources to the poor’s detriment needs to stop.
I mean now!

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