Opinion: The Lies Bridge International told President Weah; Maintaining them could jeopardize CDC 2023 chances as UP in 2017

By Daniel Bedell, Maryland County

Was shocked reading in Front-page Africa, what appeared to be a complete PR stunt written by Bridge International Academies and inserted in the reputable outlet.

A ‘Contributing Writer’ indeed they said, that speaks clearly that FPA wants to disassociate itself from a complete 419 and deception as written by the company and paid for.

How could Bridge International Academies say the President ‘Heaped praises’ on them and their technology when the same President had to renovate the Kendeja Public School recently operated by Bridge because it lied in a deplorable state; has the President questioned Bridge as to what they are doing with the millions they get, yet our schools and educational program remain in mess?

Doing minor renovation at Bahn Public School in Nimba to appease the President and his entourage does not take away the fact that many schools run by the multi million for profit company lie in deplorable state and poorest of learning taking place.

Teachers barely get monthly stipends and if they get, the company says they have to reach 100% of their faulty technology. The technology barely charges properly or picks the network in the given local. In absence of network, electricity etc, students sometimes sit a week without learning.

In this 21st century, education has since gone digital, why is Bridge still bragging about some old tablet which many are off across the country? Keeping kids in school till 3pm with nothing to feed on, poor sanitary conditions and other situations have since engulfed the company.

Can the President visit some Bridge schools in Maryland, Grand Kru etc as he continues his nationwide tour and talk to students, teachers and parents? He will be amazed at what he will hear; for Nimba, everything he saw was like an already prepped movie. Do this unaware Mr. President and see the difference.

Almost 20 employees of the company were arbitrarily laid off, the Legislature requested them to rehire and they have since refused, those cases and many more are languishing at the Ministry of Labor.

Many of these, mostly Liberians are now out of job while Bridge continues to pay expatriates thousands; this is going to have an adverse effect on the economy and on the government and cost you the election ahead. It’s strategic to act now to save your government and not those milking the country.

Labor Ministry has some of the highest cases for Bridge International Academies Mr. President, so don’t be misled by this 419 company ran out of several foreign countries.

The biggest issue today is Bridge makes millions of dollars in the name of our country from Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and others and brings only a little here as well as get duty free on everything though they are for profit; a complete scam.

The company has got no serious bank account in a country they say they love or catering for kids, how do you earn over 10 million USD every school year in the name of Liberian children and not up to 50K USD is kept in any Liberia bank? Where are they keeping Liberia’s money? That’s the biggest question the Legislature needs to be asking yea the people of Liberia.

Not even a vehicle owned by Bridge International Academies, Liberian staff have to ride bikes to get from one school to the other and this is despicable to say the least, Mr. President.

That’s why the Coalition for Education Defenders of Liberia (COEDEL) have embarked on a mission to expose these fake education providers that are basically making profits at the detriment of poor Liberians.

COEDEL has got recordings of parents and teachers complaining about Bridge operations in Liberia, lawyers are being set up to sue the company for having retrogressed Liberia’s educational program.

George Werner and few others from Ellen’s government imposed this fake enterprise on Liberians and they have been making frantic efforts to maintain them here while they make the millions; it’s not about Liberia but their pockets.

President Weah must understand the teachers and school administrators in the public sector are disappointed in Bridge International and this could cost him the election as was done to the UP government.

Many teachers doing the UP government frowned on Bridge taking over the educational system of the country but were never listened to so they chose voting against the system, please don’t fall prey to these crooks Mr. President!

To be continued..

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