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Whistleblower Liberia

OPINION: ‘We share absolutely no political ideas or orientation with any of the existing political parties in Liberia,’ EFFL

Since we withdrew from the December 8, 2020 senatorial elections due to lack of status in October last year, we have decided to avoid public appearances, including engagements with the mainstream media, in order to focus on the registration of the Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia (EFFL) as a full-fledged political party existing in the geopolitical space of Liberia and Africa.

EFFL is defined by its unique and radical founding manifesto and regardless of the current challenges we face in the process of registering our party, we intend to maintain our independence.

We share absolutely no political ideas or orientation with any of the existing political parties in Liberia. Under our continental framework documents, we are under revolutionary obligations to seek state power independently as a means of demonstrating our ability to lead or to govern.

At some point in the future, we will take sides in a political election in which the EFFL will not participate due to lack of capacity or issues beyond our control. Normally, you do not participate in an election for the name, but rather to win and lead your people to the future they deserve.

If you evaluate yourself and it is determined that you cannot win the presidency, for example, you must focus on the Senate or House of Representatives, once it is about honestly leading your people and not selfish political interest. Most of our problems in Liberia or Africa are in the various parliaments on the continent.

According to common sense or governance practices, our various parliaments are constitutionally empowered to defend the citizens and the working class, but unfortunately, they have betrayed our people, neglecting their constitutional duties to work for the President.

If we were to abandon our selfish political lifestyle and agenda and structure our various parliaments across Africa with radical and fearless revolutionaries like CIC Julius Malama, Vice President Floyd Shivambu, Bobi Win, myself, Innocent Ndabil and many others, we would change the face of Africa and present our continent as a force to be reckoned with in world politics.

These strong principles and desires for governance that we have embraced in the EFF are not achievable as an ordinary movement or lobby group. It takes a political actor with decision-making capacity to achieve them.

It is with this in mind that we are aggressively pursuing registration as a political party. The debate around the table that you can’t fundamentally oppose the state and at the same time want to participate because of our diet of socialism is less important to the overall goal of trying to liberate the oldest independent country in Africa through our principles of governance.

We have developed the best political manifesto in the history of our country and we are ready to release it hopefully at our convention after being certified by the National Electoral Commission (NEC).

Now that we are 95% close to full political party status, we can promise our members and fellow Liberians that we will soon be at the stage and even more aggressive than we were as an ordinary movement.At that point, we, the EFFL, as well as the Liberian people, will be the direct beneficiaries of our advocacy and not a particular and selfish political group that seeks power at the expense of the ignorant people.

The public is right and the neo-revolutionaries are right to worry about our little silence but we are coming soon. However, EFFL should not be focused on me and when I don’t speak for a few months or days, people should generally consider it EFFL silence.

It is a poor approach to institutional development and leadership for a future ruling party to be built around an individual. Other leaders, including the National Chairman, the VCA, Women command and others are talking about Liberia’s problems, but the attention is not on them, but rather on me because I am the leader.

Yes, I am going through the flow with my own style of speech, but the public should also have confidence in the voices of other EFFL leaders. They are emerging leaders with great personalities, abilities and characters that can be trusted. However, the National Convention will help to rebrand EFFL because we anticipate pure radical and focus leaders to be elected to various CRC positions.

Fellow citizens, your calls and messages have reaffirmed the popular call for a radical change of action and we are compelled by these calls. We, the EFF, belong to the lion kingdom and our silence for a moment in the jungle should never be misinterpreted by the Bush Cow as a victory in the jungle that we basically control.

Such a Bush Cow mindset only exposes the Bush Cow to unintended danger with catastrophic consequences. We lions don’t run away from fight, but sometimes we deliberately choose it. The fact that we are so close to full political party status is a victory in itself and as a leader, I can only thank our members here in Liberia and in the diaspora for their initial support.

We must fight together and finalize our registration in the coming weeks and return to the stage with the Red Regalia as our common dress code.

The government and opposition political parties that are regrouping without any clear governance manifesto to liberate our people will also be met with aggression from the Lions. Lions have no friends in the jungle and in politics, the political arena is the jungle. We will not replace corruption with corruption and state looters with state looters.

Our people will be properly educated and hopefully this nation will turn red. You all saw the power of EFFL when we tried to run for office in 2020 and we hope to replicate that same mobilization strategy across the country once again.

The government and desperate power seekers must be prepared to unleash their propagandists against us and be prepared to call us names. We will faithfully accept these names and faithfully respond to these outlandish labels.

Once we are not on the first ballot in 2023, we will open doors for discussions on the future of our country. The seats we have no intention of messing with are the 73 seats in the House of Representatives and the 15 seats in the House of Senate that are up for election.

As you know, we do not have party-list proportional representation, in which parties are allocated seats in Parliament according to the overall percentage they win. This means that you cannot run for two positions in Liberia at the same time.

The party will make the final decision and we will be guided by the party mandate.Just give us a few moments to finish our registration and we are coming up with bigger 🔥.

I am already missing the intellectual stage! God bless you and and our condolences to the people of Tanzania for the loss.

President John P. Magufuli’s legacy will live on and we, EFFL consider him one of the best presidents in the fight for Africa’s redemption. Thank you

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