OPINION: Weah descends on Ellen

Madam Former President, let me refresh your memory about what OPULENCE is:

OPULENCE is when Chevron gives 10 Million USD as CSR and you gave it to your son to squander.

OPULENCE is when you have 4 billion in Foreign direct investment, but leave Liberia in abject squalor and poverty.

OPULENCE is when you have 11 budget shortfalls in 12 years and yet spent tens of millions on failed projects like the Executive Mansion repair fiasco.

OPULENCE is when you spent over a million dollars for Oil Law Consultations; only to bring your high school student grandchild to speak to experts.

OPULENCE is when after 12 years of billions of dollars of Foriegn Aid, you still leave the country with 1 billion dollars debt that my government is now paying back.

There are a 1000 more examples, but let me leave you with these for now. OPULENCE is not when you use an old Christmas Tree and Choirs to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus.

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