Ousted PLP Officials Refuse To Surrender

In the wake of news about the removal of Wilmot Paye as Chairman, the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) acting through its General Policy Commission (GPC) and the Administrative Leadership Congress (ALC) have called on Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, as one of its founders and incorporators, to desist from interfering in the day to day operations of the party, said ousted Secretary General Kansuahlism Kansuah.

Paye, for the second time, got dismissed as a political party chairman after PLP Political Leader Dr. Cassell with immediate effect on August 16, 2021 signed the decision.

Both Chairman Paye and Kansualism B. Kansuah as National Secretary General were removed by the founder and asked to turn over all party properties in their possession for administrative reason. The Youth League followed same action at a press conference Tuesday in Monrovia.

Yet, the embattled officials though Secretary General Kansuah argued that consistent with the charter, the ALC is responsible for and oversees the day to day operations of the party under the supervision of the National Chairman.

“But from all indications, recent development within the party seems to suggest that Cassell has been in the constant habit of superimposing himself over the various organs of the party in total violation of the charter,” Kansuah warned.

The ALC is therefore advising Dr. Cassell to henceforth desist from “this undemocratic, arbitrary, and woeful act,” Kansuah said on social media.

According to the ALC, this act has the potential to undermine the Liberation agenda as clearly articulated in the preamble of the party’s charter.

“While the ALC recognizes and appreciates the sacrifices made by Dr. Cassell and others, it should be noted that the People’s Liberation Party is 100% owned by the patriotic citizens of the Republic of Liberia, as indicated in Article 1, section 1 of the charter,” they indicated.

When taking the decision to remove the party hierarchy, PLP Political Leader Cassell said he relieved Paye of his party’s chairmanship for gross violation of partisans’ constitutional rights, but Paye terms the decision as contradictory to the party’s constitution.

Meanwhile, Chairman Paye confirmed the decision about his removal and disclosed that he received a communication from Dr. Cassell asking him to exit the party.

According to the termination letter, Cassell’s decision followed numerous complaints brought before the party as well as members of the General Policy Committee (GPC) that demonstrate Paye’s alleged gross violation of the constitutional rights of several party members serving in leadership positions across the country.

The communication states among other things that Paye directly instructed and authorized the PLP’s acting Montserrado Chairman to replace the entire leadership structure of the Montserrado Youth Assembly with unknown members who have not been vetted and approved by the GPC.

However, speaking to reporters, Paye said the action taken by the PLP political was unilateral, as he vowed to use the constitution of the party to fight back.

In March 2020, Paye was also removed as National Chairman of the former ruling Unity Party (UP) by the executive committee of the party.

In press release issued on March 4, 2020 the UP said, “The removal of Mr. Wilmot Paye as National Chairman came as a result of recommendations made by the Special Investigative Committee established by the NEC to investigate actions and decisions taken by Mr. Paye that contravened the party’s constitution and brought to question the reputation of the party both locally and internationally.”

The National Executive Committee of the party then mandated Vice Chairman Isaac Mannah to continue to act as Chairman and in consultation with the leadership and lead the party to extraordinary convention within a period of two months.

The Acting National Chairman was also mandated to lead the party, in conjunction with the Standard Bearer, in the talks to conclude the Collaborating Document of the Collaborating Political Parties pending the approval of the Executive Committee.

Paye’s action to resist the decision at the Supreme Court of Liberia did not yield fruitful result.

He was seeking the intervention of the Supreme Court to upend the party’s decision to suspend him for investigation.

In a 17-count petition for a Writ of Prohibition, Paye contended that Mannah and the party leadership acted diabolically, maliciously, mischievously, woefully, illegally, unlawfully and unconstitutionally suspended him.

Paye stated in the petition that his exercised authority, power and rights did not in any violate any policy, rule or provision of the constitution of the Unity Party adopted on May 7, 2010 in Ganta, Nimba County.

At the same time, some political observers claimed that the removal of Chairman Paye was masterminded by former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and others who accused him of unruly handling of the party’s affairs. Both Paye and the former President do not see eye to eye.

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