PLP Begins Roads Rehabilitation In Cape Mount

The People’s Liberation Party (PLP) of Dr. Daniel E. Cassell is digging deep into rural Liberia with several interventions in different parts of the country.
Despite making interventions during the COVID19 pandemic by donating several medical supplies to hospital across the country, the party has begun clearing deplorable roads in other parts of the nation.
In Grand Cape Mount County, the party has begun a massive road rehabilitation in Laar Clan Headquarters, Gondor Town Road in Gola Konneh District.
Gola Konneh District remains one of the most political, strategic and populated districts in Grand Cape Mount County, Western Liberia.
The road work comes following a visit of the Party’s Leader Dr. Daniel Cassell to Grand cape Mount recently where he saw the need to assist the people.
During the rain in Liberia, many roads become deplorable and inaccessible, farm products are rarely brought to markets and the people live under harsh conditions.
During a townhall meeting with stakeholders and elders in Gola Konneh District recently, Dr. Cassell promised to rehabilitate the Gondor Town road which also includes three bridges.
The bridges along the routes where the road rehabilitation is ongoing are also expected to be constructed according to the PLP.
Cassell is the newest Presidential candidate in Liberia who has been making interventions in health, agriculture, transportation amongst others.
He is expected to put up a challenge to incumbent George Weah and the Collaboration of Political Parties that comprises of four political parties.
His numerous interventions are being welcomed by many Liberians who continue to frown on politicians who talk and make less impact.