PLP Wins Over 10 Aspirants For 2023

A total of 10 legislative aspirants have officially joined the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) ahead of the 2023 General and Presidential Elections. They used the moment to pledge their fullest support to PLP Political Leader, Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, who is vying for the Liberian presidency.

Aspirants who joined the PLP include Ma-Nyannay Clinton (District 5 – Bong County), Charles Momolu Bestman (District 1 – Grand Cape Mount County), Stephen Jayweh Toomay (District 1 – Grand Bassa County), Bob K. Beah (District 1 – RivercessCounty) and Singbeh B. Siakor (District 6 – Bong County). The rest are Moses T. Teah (District 3 – Rivergee County), Augustine Tebleh (District 2 – Grand Kru County), Wilmot Cherue (District 1 – Rivergee County), Pyne Wallo (District 2 – Grand GedehCounty) and Teney G. Torpline (District 9 – Nimba County).

After they were officially inducted and accepted at the PLP headquarters in Congo Town, Pyne Wallo, aspirant for Grand Gedeh County District 2, stated their full preparedness and readiness to secure support for a PLP victory in 2023.

According to Wallo, they will move into their various villages, towns and other areas to promote the PLP’s vision for Liberia. He assured the party that the aspirants have already begun selling the vision of the party in their various constituencies.

For his part, Dr. Cassell, the PLP Standard Bearer, welcomed the aspirants and urged them to go out and accomplish their respective political ambitions.

Dr. Cassell encouraged them to see the event as one that commences their political struggle to help transform their constituents in their respective districts and Liberia in general.

The PLP Standard Bearer stated that the mission and vision of the party is to liberate Liberia and its citizens. He informed the aspirants to get prepared and ready to accomplish their missions.

“Let’s keep at our breast the mission and vision of the PLP which is to liberate our people. There are times that the going will get tough. There’s going to be time to eat and throw. I urge you to remember this day and what motivated you to join this fight and to also remember that this is a good cause. This is a very serious and significant battle both in the eyes of man and God.”

He called on the aspirants to be willing to stand up to embrace and find solutions to any conflict that may arise within the party.

Dr. Cassell: “Conflicts are prevalent in all organizations and institutions and as such, the new members should not run away from conflicts. If you run away from conflicts, you will only be changing the environment, but you will still meet up with conflicts anywhere you go.”

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