Police Guns Down Five Armed Robbers

Police has reportedly gunned down five alleged armed robbers following gun exchange.

The incident occurred during the early morning hours of Thursday, May 20, 2021 in the Red light, Paynesville vicinity.

The robbers beat up local security personnel assigned at stores before the police got alerted and moved in.

Police says the five men died after exchange of firearms; armed robbery has been very prevalent of late.

Police Anti Robbery Unit excited the mission in what is considered a heroic move to curtail further occurrences.

Police IG, Patrick Sudue and Deputies were all at the scene of the robbery incident Thursday morning.

The LNP requests journalists and the public alike to photograph the deceased in a public display.

The move by the Police was well welcomed by onlookers who continue to be terrified by armed robbers in their various communities.

Details are still coming through!

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