Police makes several arrest in Rep. Yekeh Kolubah’s home vandalism saga

Police authorities in Monrovai say fourteen (14) persons are said to be facing investigation at the Headquarters of the Liberia National Police in connection to the violent incident that occurred on the Old Road on Sunday between Hon. Yekeh Kolubah and Morlu Kollie which resulted to properties damage.

Those arrested include: Chris B. Andison 25 years, Rebecca Williams 32yrs, Mohammed Kromah 41yrs, Kelvin Fahnbuilleh 41yrs Daniel Dukuly 26yrs, Nathan Gueh 27yrs, and Lassana S. Kamara.

Others are: Lincoln Brooks 27yrs, Daniel Boikai 28yrs, Siafa S. Kamara 23 yrs, Michel Myers 20yrs, Alison Zaza 34yrs, Aaron Kollie 33yrs and Paul Geekpain 21yrs.

The scuffle led to the complete vandalization of the Representative’s home with thugs breaking into his home and creating more destruction.

Rep. Kolubah linked destabilization of his home to ruling party thugs given that he’s a fierce critic of President George Weah.

Police barricaded the neighborhood Sunday evening to contain the two opposing sides before making arrest.

Rep. Kolubah’s home has been at consistent attacks with the public wondering why the government is yet to take strict measures to curtail continuous reoccurrence.

The district 10 lawmaker is also under probe by the House of Representatives for his comportment.

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