Police Officer Disrobed And Undergoing Investigation For Beating Female Officer In Maryland

The Liberian National Police says Commissioner Jacob Coleman has been disrobed and turned over to the Professional Standard Division of the entity for beating a female officer in Maryland County.

Madam Rebecca Nimely, the Deputy Commander for Women and Children Division was mercilessly beaten by her boss for what he called her refusal to effectuate an arrest.

Joy FM’s Obed Gibah who quizzed Police Spokesman Monday in Monrovia revealed that the Police is very concerned and had already disrobed the Police Chief in the County and ordered that he comes to Monrovia immediately.

Carter said the Police are also disappointed that the female officer ran to the press instead of using channels available to have her case heard; he mentioned she too has been invited to seek further treatment in Monrovia.

Photographs in our possession show blood oozing from the female’s nose after she was mercilessly manhandled during a scuffle in the county.

Madam Nimely told newsmen there have been tons of complaints against the commander to no avail, the latest being in the presence of Inspector General of Police during his recent visit to the county.

The recent situation in Maryland comes at a time when all key actors of the security sector are in the county investigating a heinous crime where a student was murdered and the entire county being in disarray from angry rioters.

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