Police Sets New Measures For Motorcyclists and ‘Kekeh’ Riders Movement In Some Parts Of Monrovia

The authorities of the Liberia National Police (LNP) have revealed that after series of discussions with various heads of the Tricycle (kekeh) and Motorcycle Unions, they have agreed to put into place new measures aimed at identifying motorbikes and tricycles by color coding them according to communities.

During the meeting, police said it was agreed that all motor bikes and tricycles be color coded to be easily identified and also to control their movement by the Liberia National Police, as the exercise begins as of December 1, 2021.

It can be recalled that early January of this year, the authorities of the Liberia National Police named the following areas as No Go Zones for commercial motorcycles; Beer Factory to Monrovia, GSA Road to Monrovia for those coming from Paynesville, the entire RIA Highway, Monrovia to ELWA Junction and Freeport to Monrovia.

According to police authorities, all commercial motorcycles will now be allowed to ply the Brewerville to Beer Factory, Paynesville Red-Light to Freeport ISI including its surrounding communities, Paynesville Red-Light to GSA Road intersections including its surroundings, from 540, Congo Town Back Road to 72nd communities. Go Zones for commercial Motorcycles include: Old Road to Catholic Hospital communities, Matadi Estate to Jallah Town and avenues in that location and Air Field Community to VAMOMA House respectively. Also, the No Go Zones for tricycles include Ashmun, Front, Broad, Buchanan, Center, Gurley, Randall and Roberts Streets. Other restricted streets are Carey, Clay, McDonald, Warren, Johnson Streets and Camp Johnson Road. Meanwhile, tricycles are also allowed to ply from Brewerville to Waterside, Benson Street through UN Drive to Bassa Community and stop at the University of Liberia, Matadi Estate to Jallah Town and Mechlin Street to West Point, as these regulations remain enforced.

Police warned that any operator caught in violation of these rules will be issued US$100.00 ticket for traffic violation for the first time and US$200.00 for second violation, while third violation will lead to motorcycle or tricycle impounded and subsequently auctioned through the court.

All operators have been asked to act in accordance with the vehicle and traffic laws of Liberia as tricycles and commercial motorcycles are to ply the Go Zones beginning 6:00 AM to 10: PM daily.

Police stated that these measures take effect as of Wednesday, December 1, 2021 and informed the public that there will be massive inspection to ensure compliance on the unauthorized use of sirens, flash lights, fore-lights and other security instruments.

“Any vehicle seen in the street(s) with such instruments without the approval of the Minister of Justice will be impounded and have said instruments removed. All concerned are asked to take note and abide by these vehicles and traffic regulations,” police declared.


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