Police Threatens Social Media Users

Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue has with immediate effect mandated investigators to ensure that the social media is monitored regularly and that those who post information aimed at creating fear must be invited for questioning and subsequent prosecution if probable cause is established.

The Liberia National Police (LNP) decided to begin investigating social media false alarm posters after its attention has been drawn to the constant habit of ‘some unscrupulous citizens’ who are bent on posting false alarm information intended to instill fear in citizens and residents of the country.

It said these false alarm posters are posting horrible photos and videos of fake incidents, which are solely intended to portray the country as unsafe and instill fear in the citizenry of the country.

The LNP admonishes administrators of various social media chat rooms to scrutinize information that is placed in their various chat rooms and report those who are in the constant habit of posting said information.

The police said that it will not hesitate to ensure that administrators of chat rooms who do not exercise due diligence in the contents that are posted on their various platforms are invited for questioning.

“To this end, the LNP envisages that a proper scrutiny of various information placed in chat rooms by administrators to curtail the barrage of inciteful and fearful photos and videos that are circulating on social media. Together, we can help to make Liberia a better and peaceful nation for all,” the police stated.

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