Pres. Weah’s Son Banned On Covid-19 Issue

The American son of President George Weah was unable to travel to Canada for Sunday’s World Cup qualifier because he did not meet the vaccination requirements to cross the Canadian border.

Weah, who was involved in the play that led to the winning goal in last Thursday’s 1-0 victory over El Salvador, has received one vaccine dose and was infected with COVID-19 before he could receive his second shot.

Weah meets the vaccination standards in France, where he plays professionally with Lille, but is unable to enter Canada.

“This is something we can’t control, the nuances of the COVID protocol, and we just have to deal with it,” coach Gregg Berhalter said. “It will be about the next man stepping up and doing their job.”

Berhalter said the team became aware of Weah’s situation “a couple of days ago” and had hoped it could be resolved before Sunday’s 3 p.m. game in Hamilton, Ontario.

“This was a nuanced technicality that we were hoping was going to get pushed through and, unfortunately, it didn’t,” Berhalter said.

Weah did not play for Lille between December 1 and January 19 because of a quadriceps injury. He missed a 1-1 draw against Canada last September because of a thigh injury that sidelined him between August 21 and September 18.

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