President, VP And All Key Actors Out Of Country Simultaneously

Whistleblower has learned that all key actors in the Liberian government are currently out of the country on various assignments.

While the President jetted out early Sunday morning to Accra for what the Executive Mansion called an emergency meeting, the Vice President too has been out of the country a little over a week.

The Liberian leader, George Weah left for an emergency ECOWAS meeting on Mali where renewed coup took place days ago.

The Foreign Minister, Special Assistant to the President and others are on that delegation that is expected to see different West African leaders position on the impasse in Mali.

Liberia is crucial to those talks given the Armed Forces of the Country playing a pivotal role in bringing peace to the country since dissident forces started insurgency.

What a way forward will be is yet unknown but the Prime Minister and President of Mali were ousted as the Vice President backed military leadership takes charge.

While the President is away, Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor who normally runs the state with a member Cabinet  usually appointed has also been off to Nigeria attending an ECOWAS Parliament activity where she spoke on Gender Equality and Women participation in politics.

She announced on her social media platform that she was representing President George Weah at the event.

The VP also attended service at Aso Rock in Nigeria Sunday with current Vice President of Nigeria, Prof Yemi Osinbajo.

Weeks ago a huge delegation of seven top Liberian leaders also left for Washington DC to renew talks with US counterparts and are yet to return.

Notable amongst those in the US are Finance Minister Samuel Tweah, Minister of State Nathaniel McGill, Mayor of Monrovia, Jefferson Koijee, Minister of Gender Willimenta Piso Tarr Saydee and Deputy Minister of State without Portfolio Trokon Kpui amongst others.

Political pundits think it’s crucial for an entire government to be off the country with barely anyone in charge.

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