Presidential Hopeful Daniel Cassell Dedicates Three Bridges in Margibi

Liberian humanitarian, politician and Presidential hopeful, Dr. Daniel E. Cassell Friday dedicated three newly constructed bridges in Margibi County.

The bridges were constructed in Larkayta township and put at over two hundred and fifty thousand USD.

According to Dr. Cassell the construction will ease the stress of movement and accelerate the bringing of produce to markets especially ahead of the rainy season. Easy movement between towns and villages will be an added advantage according to villagers.

He said his action is another form of liberating the people as his party is called the People Liberation Party. ‘Enhanced prosperity for all Liberians is our goal,’ he stated.

He lambasted failed politicians who use their charisma to exploit the people but said the time has come to show tangible and awaken the people from poverty, slavery and deprivation.

The PLP leader owns a large farm in Margibi put at six hundred and fifty acres of land that is also an employment to many in the region.

Friday’s event saw women, men and citizens of the region excited for Cassell’s generosity for what they called the alleviation of hardship by the construction of bridges for their use.

He said investing in Margibi is strictly a divine encounter and direction from God and he will continue to do so.

Dr. Cassell, a Psychologist is the Founder and President of Kwenyan Professional Health Services, LLC and Kwenyan and Associates, NJ State Licensed Intensive/ Outpatient Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder agencies.

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