Private Security Chief On Conflict Of Interest In the Sector By Senior Government Officials Stalling Business Development

The CEO of Bentel Bureau of Investigation & Guard Service says business growth in the country is being stalled due to senior officials being key competitors and actors with small business owners.

Mr. Benedict Mulbah Lavelah said most people in senior security post in government run Private Security Firms which get awarded bigger contracts over others which is directly affecting other businesses.

At the same time Mr. Lavelah is calling on national government to monitor and shutdown security firms that aren’t registered in the country.

He said legitimate businesses are struggling at the hands of illegal businesses and that makes business horrible.

‘Some of those companies are creating bad flags in the business environment due to the people they hire as they have not been registered, or don’t have professional trainings and besides it’s complete conflict of interest for one to be in higher up security sector and having these firms as well taking all the GoL and other contracts,’ he said in a statement.

He continued, ‘Law enforcement officers should focus on their work and leave the para legal areas with people who have the expertise.’

 He’s at the same time asking clients to utilize services that are in their contracts and don’t use private security guards as house help, wash their cars, cloths and even buy food. 

The security expert said all those things are ground to create criminality because the officers would normally abandon posts to get these jobs done!’

Bentel Security Firm doing Camera Installation, Background Checks for companies, Investigation on Land purchased, security for various security sit, Crime investigation, Bodyguard Service etc.

Mr. Benedict Mulbah Lavelah has over 15 years in Private Security and National Security. He is a United Nation trained fire investigator, Liberia National Police Special Corps, Unite States Postal Serves Professional etc.

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