Public Shun Over Dillon’s Ride of First Class

Senator Darius Dillon a critic of President George Weah and  his CDC over waste of Public funds has once again found himself riding in a flamboyant first class while flying to the United States.

Dillon is travelling to the US amidst a renewed COVID19 predominantly from the United Kingdom that the Liberian government is battling with.

There are reports that he is travelling to the US in an effort to meet with members of his team based in the US.

Hundreds if not thousands of Liberians are battling their lives over this renewed situation as hospitals and health facilities remain overwhelmed.

When he canvassed to get elected, the Liberian politician called for a reduction in salary and other waste by public officials but has since seen himself walloped in the same.

Public sentiment has grown as to why the man who is champion against waste in government will himself be riding a lucrative first-class while travelling to the US.

Dillon is yet to comment on the matter though his supporters are saying he must have had his trip sponsored by an unknown philanthropist.

Just last week, the Montserrado lawmaker was again caught in a 15k USD given him and other lawmakers for what the budget line called ‘Legislative Engagement.’ Weeks before he had bought himself an over 20K Infinity, second lucrative vehicle in a year since he ascended to the Senate post.

As he battled to donate the money after public disappointment, every government entity refused to accept his donation.

The Montserrado Senator finally ended up donating some oxygen tanks to the ELWA Hospital in Paynesville in the combat against COVID. He donated over forty pieces, his office said Thursday.

Dillon has initially said on the campaign, he will take nothing more than five thousand USD while Senator to enable other crucial national issues taken care of.


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